Review of Nakabayashi Budget Book

Nakabayashi Budget Book for Saving Money

Just what you always wanted: a customized notebook in Japanese to budget and save money. If you’ve been thinking of one-upping your game in the crazy world of Japanese language lately, making a Japanese version of your household budget might just be the ticket.

Nakabayashi Budget Book for Saving Money PocketThis handy-dandy Nakabayashi notebook will have you smiling in no time with it’s sleek design and easy to follow outline. There is a thorough explanation of how to use the notebook, so even if you can’t quite remember how to write out something, you can always cheat by looking at the example page. It has space for 13 months worth of budgeting bliss and a yearly overview in the back.

Nakabayashi Budget Book for Saving Money SideviewThe cover is made of card stock which is wrapped in a removable plastic cover with storage space for envelopes. It’s not the sturdiest thing in the world, but it does the job. If you want to take a look at what the inside looks like, Amazon has some preview pages of the inside. They don’t include a preview of the yearly overview page though.

It is a bit pricey. Mine was 1,000 yen (appx. $10) at the store, but it’s certainly worth every penny. I linked to Kenko on Rakuten at the bottom of the page and they are selling it for 830 yen at the time of this writing.

Another highly recommended product!

Japanese Keywords and Link:
気軽に貯める家計簿 B5 グリーン HBR-B510-G [ナカバヤシ 家計簿] 

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