Review of Zojirushi 1 Liter Insulated Carafe | Tabletop Pot

Zojirushi Mahobin Carafe English Review

Never underestimate the need for a hot drink in winter when the power goes out. Without something like this to keep your water hot, you will be wasting precious energy by constantly having to boil water. Even if you already have your denki potto, (Link only for reference.) I would really recommend to get this as a backup.

We have been faithfully using this product daily for over 2 years and it is still in good condition. It has been dropped multiple times, abused, and all-around treated roughly, but it still does the job. In summer, this works well for keeping your water cold too! Take note that our family uses this strictly for water. If you decide to put coffee in here, it might be a bit of a pain to wash the inside thoroughly, since the hole is so small. (Around 3.5cm)

Ours is technically a super old version AG-KA10-CD, but I’m sure the newer version works just as well. If you don’t like the color on this one, rest assured, they have many options out there. Can you tell the man of the house chose the above one for our family? I don’t think it’s available in this color anymore. You can find other nice colors on Rakuten or if you shop around in the store.

It only holds 1 liter of water, so if you have more than 4 members in your family, I would recommend getting 2 of them. We are 4 people (with 2 toddlers) and this works great for us.

Overall highly recommended!

Japanese Keywords and Link:
象印 ( ZOJIRUSHI ) ガラス魔法瓶 AG-KD10
Rakuten Shop: 象印 ガラス魔法瓶 AG-KD10 エレガンスフラワー(FC)

Note: I have never bought from the above shop so I can’t vouch for their reputation. Link only for reference.


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