Company Review: Nebajyuku Soap

I really love this soap company. I’ve been particularly pleased with these four products:

Shirakaba Shampoo, Shirakaba Sekken Laundry Soap, Itsukushimi Ne Body Soap, and Shirayuki No Shi Soap.

The shampoo can be a bit tricky at first to use, because it doesn’t have any additives. It might sound uppity, but I use filtered water to rinse it out. Our water here is really hard and the minerals in it makes the soap stick to my scalp. At first, I tried doing a vinegar rinse, but it makes my hair fall out. (Yikes!)  Don’t just trust the advice of some blogger on the internet, please! (Even me! ) You could go bald if you’re not careful, so always double check information! Lately, I’ve been added olive oil to my hair before I wash to help moisturize my scalp and that has done a good job of getting rid of any dandruff.

I’ve ordered bleach and baking soda too from this company that work great. The only product from this company I have had a hard time with is the Shirakaba 2000 Laundry Soap. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get it to dissolve properly. I’ve tried cold water, hot water, lukewarm water. I’ve tried mixing it up, but absolutely nothing works. Next time I’ll make sure I can figure out how to use something before ordering 5 kilos of it. It also has a tendency to clog the filter on my top-loader washing machine.

This company purposely employs people with disabilities and does their best to use natural ingredients. I love being able to support a good cause while purchasing everyday items and these products definitely fit the bill. If you’ve got any other suggestions, I would love to hear about them.

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化粧石鹸 いつくしみ・ね!!そふと