Help Balance the Power

You can help balance the power companies hold by choosing smaller Japanese companies instead of the multi-billion corporations that have so much power already. Consumers choose with their dollars (and yen). It’s a proven fact that these companies are willing to change band practices when pressured, so let’s be active consumers who pay attention to how we spend our money. As much as possible I try not to give big companies more money than they already have. This is easier said than done.

It’s not always easy trying to find alternatives. It’s certainly not convenient and if you’re married, it can be really difficult to get your spouse on board. Don’t be legalistic about it. A few changes here, a few changes there, and before you know it, you’ll be switching over your life to a happier, healthier you and a happier, healthier community!

One of the biggest challenges of today is trying to find alternatives to Amazon! They just recently purchased Whole Foods, so I’ve been trying to give them as little of my money as possible. They are a great way to advertise your business, so I won’t say cut them off completely, but let’s not give them too much or stores like Costco that are losing sales to Amazon might wind up being bought by them too or disappear altogether!

I try to choose Made In Japan and Local whenever I can within reason. Not all Made in Japan is created equal and not all Local is good, so be sure to use your discretion before buying anything.